Meri Hindi Teacher

Mrs Neeru Minocha

I Love Hindi language & culture.

I am a native speaker of Hindi language and I grew up in Punjab, India.I moved to Singapore at the age of 30 and I know how challenging learning another language can be, but i also know how rewarding it can be to be able to communicate in another language and learn more about the culture as well. I have been teaching since last twenty years and Have taught grades 1st to 12th as well as college level students. I have developed methods for teaching and learning Hindi language that are both meaningful and engaging while expediting the learning process. My methods involves multiple learning techniques like Visual, auditory, and Kinesthetic as well as incorporating technology for creatives ways to learn and use the language. I also have the practical experience of teaching in India and Singapore.

I recently completed my IGCSE & IB training and have been tutoring students of all levels.

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