My son learns Hindi from Mrs. Neeru since last 4 years and I am delighted to share that now Hindi has become his favourite subject. She is a very caring and supportive teacher  who demonstrates the love of languages to the students.  Thank you for your efforts in helping my son excel in his Hindi language .May God continue to bless those efforts 

-- Mrs Kanchan ( Mother of Krish )

Teacher Neeru is passionate , dedicated n loving teacher. My P3 and P1 kids developed   interest in learning Hindi.

Thanks to Neeru !

-- Nita Patil( Mother of Riya )

Hindi tuition with Neeru Teacher really helped my son to score good marks. Her worksheets are useful to practice.

-- Mrs. Suji  ( Mother of Sumesh )

My son hated Hindi and it always used to be a fight teaching him. After Neeru started teaching him, his confidence has improved and shows interest in Hindi.

-- Mini( Mother of Darshan)

Neeru started teaching my son Arun from year 2 and then he had no knowledge of hindi language at all.( we had moved from Sydney) Neeru was very patient and meticulous and has managed to improve his grade tremendously. Her dedication towards the child's studies is commendable. We cannot do without her. My younger son too joined her class and we are very satisfied with her services. I highly recommend her for your children.

 -- Mrs Raji (Mother of Arun & Uday)

Thank you for your personal concern for our daughter. We really appreciate that you helped her grow in more than just one dimension. We appreciate that you directed her to applicable content and held her accountable to process that. It was also good that you had her practice different topics for compositions to increase the breadth of her knowledge.

Thank you, Ms. Minocha. 

 -- Dr. Aparna Rajesh & Rajesh Krishnamoorthy
    (Parents of Aarushi Rajesh)

Neeru, quickly identified my sons weakness in Hindi and provided focused tutoring. This enabled him to confidently solve the exam papers. We found her to be very patient and persevereant in helping students achieve their goals.

 -- Shubha.

Neeru teacher is a very sincere and hard working teacher. She always goes the extra mile in ensuring that her students understand her teaching. 
She has a great compilation of worksheets for her kids to practice. Her worksheets ensure that the subject is completely covered. She has a very organised way of working with her students. She constantly keeps upgrading her skills to ensure that her students are not left behind in any way. She teaches the P1 & P2 students in a play way  method and makes it very easy for them to learn a new language. She keeps collecting new material to introduce in her worksheets. She trains them for Comprehension and Composition in a manner  suited for each child as she believes that every child is different and needs to be taught differently.
She is a very punctual and takes extra classes during the exams making it stress free for parents. Any doubts can be cleared through a phone call or for senior students she takes classes through skype also.
We are very blessed to have her as a mentor for our daughters
Thank you very much Neeru teacher!! May God always bless you!!

 -- Gowri & Ramesh

Neeru mam coached my son for his igcse Hindi language while he was attending 2015IGCSE Exams. She understands the young adult nature of the children and knows how to put a purpose to their mindset. She knows how to motivate children in studying the subject as she is very passionate about Hindi. She is diligent in understanding the weakness of the child and adapts her teaching style to suit the needs. She is very focused and follows through to ensure the progress. We highly appreciate her for the help she has provided.

--- Student Abhinand.

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